Friday, November 16, 2012

Pretty pictures

For a long time at the beginning of every software project, it seems like you can only really blog about technical stuff, which I'm sure gets boring for all the non-developers out there.

And while I could keep talking about maven modules and behavior-driven development until you fall asleep, we've finally arrived at the phase of the project where we'll start having actual pretty pictures to show. :-)

Here's our first pass at the login screen. Note that we're building in the idea of a "session location," mostly so when you start filling out forms, you don't have to keep saying where you are:

And here's our first pass at the homepage: (note that the list of apps a user actually sees depends on user privileges)

Since I can't end a blog post without some technical content, I should point out that these are much easier to develop now that we've started using Sass and Compass. If you've ever written CSS and you aren't using these tools, you've got to start, stat! (If you look at our omod/pom.xml and search for "compass" you'll see how we incorporated these into the build process.)

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