Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Distribution vs Single Installation

A random developer note:

While dicussing CI today, I noticed a key difference between the work I did on the Kenya EMR project, and what we're doing for Mirebalais: Kenya EMR was really about being an OpenMRS distribution, whereas Mirebalais is a single installation.

In Kenya EMR I did a bunch of work around having a maven target that fetched all module dependencies to produce a single zip file that could be distributed to a very large number of servers.

In Mirebalais the point is to use a CI/CD approach to maintain a small number of demo and production servers directly, without the need for a distributable artifact.

Nothing earth-shatteering, just this hadn't occurred to me before.

1 comment:

  1. Well, one could argue that the CI could produce a distributable artifact that could be distributed to several servers, and that could also possibly do that at the push of a button. At this point, this could actually be accomplished by running your maven target and scp(ing) the zip to the appropriate location.
    One could also argue that your maven target and the zip file it produced were also some form of CD.